Nosio S.p.a  follows the bottling process of still wines and the production of Rotari TrentoDOC sparkling wines and directly or via its foreign subsidiaries it manages the marketing phase  of  the  Mezzacorona Group's products in over 60 countries around the world. Through its subsidiaries it also manages the grape production and  wine- making process for the two estates in Sicily. Nosio S.p.a is controlled by Mezzacorona S.p.a which holds 61% of the shares. The remaining 39% of ownership is divided up between nearly 500 shareholders.
Nosio S.p.a has an organised marketing network all over the world. It owns two companies: the Prestige Wine Imports Corp. with its office in New York in the USA  and the Bavaria Wein Import Gmbh in Munich, Germany which manage the marketing and promotion of Mezzacorona products and trademarks in their various markets.


2022/23: 137,113 million euro
Consolidated Financial Statement Gruppo Mezzacorona 2022/23: 217,749 million euro


Administrative and commercial offices:
Via Tonale 110 - SS43 Val di Non
38010 San Michele all'Adige (TN)
Tel. 0461-616399
Fax 0461-605695

Registered office:
Via del Teroldego 1/E
38016 Mezzocorona (Trento) ITALIA