Founded in 1904, Mezzacorona S.c.a is the parent home company of the group. The 1600 wine- growing members cultivate 2800 hectares of vineyards in Trentino with a production of mainly the white grape variety as well as prized red grapes which are a symbol of Trentino lands. Mezzacorona S.c.a  is a  leader in the production of 5 varieties: the Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Gewurztaminer white grapes and the Rotaliano and Lagrein red grapes. The company uses the most avant-garde technology to guarantee superb production and  works with constant respect towards the environment and land, adopting the most innovative techniques to ensure sustainability and wholesome products. Mezzacorona S.c.a. supplies Nosio S.p.a with Trentino wines and base wines for spumante.
Since 2006 Mezzacorona S.c.a has undertaken the local fruit growing activity by integrating the Valdadige fruit production. It has relaunched this sector by creating modern and efficient infrastructures equipped with top quality technology and has promoted the "Valentina" trademark.


2022/23: 109,245 million euro
Consolidated Financial Statement Gruppo Mezzacorona 2022/23: 217,749 million euro


Administrative and commercial offices:
Via Tonale 110 - SS43 Val di Non
38010 San Michele all'Adige (TN)
Tel. +39 0461 616399
Fax +39 0461 605695

Registered office:
Via del Teroldego 1/E
38016 Mezzocorona (TN)

Reg. Imprese di Trento
C.F. e P.IVA 00120200225