Valentina is the result of the hard work and passion of over 300 fruit farmers who grow our apples in Trentino.
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Valentina,the Trentino apple: quality and authenticity from Trentino

Valentina sees 400 hectares of  apple orchards cared for daily with the help of  specialised agronomists plus a structure for the sorting, conserving and packing of the fruit in a refrigerated environment with controlled atmospheres in order to ensure utmost freshness and quality for the consumer throughout the whole year. Valentina apples are carefully selected and checked to make sure the consumer receives the best and juiciest fruits. Valentina means genuine apples thanks to the use of integrated production techniques which reduce the need of man's intervention on the trees and their fruit. There is a strong link to the image of the Great -Tit, the small bird which allows Valentina to attain wholesome and genuine fruits of top quality through mother nature.