At the bottom, narrower part of the Adige valley and on the hills surrounding the old village of Salorno, wine-growing has become an art due to centuries of experience and tireless work by its wine growers. This art is expressed in the quality of Tolloy.

Fine wines from Alto Adige Region

The "land lying amongst mountains" as Alto Adige (South Tyrol) used to be called in the old days, is one of the most colourful landscapes in Europe. The gentle hills surrounding the village of Salorno ensure lush and flourishing vineyards thanks to the presence of the Alps which shelter them from the cold North winds. This terroir is particularly well suited due to its dry climate and long periods of mild temperatures which guarantee a perfect ripening of the grapes.
The large influx of travellers saw this area develop several accommodation facilities which lead to opening inns and holding important meetings and decisions made by innkeepers. The wine Tolloy has been named after one  of the most renowned of these innkeepers from the early 18th century, Johann Tolloy. Tolloy is a prestige line of wines from Alto Adige produced through a collaboration between Mezzacorona and the Salorno wine-cellar.

  • Gewürztraminer