The winery is in the locality of Pertinace, in Treiso, Piedmont, one of the four Langhe municipalities famous for the production of Barbaresco DOCG; it is also the birthplace of Publius Elvius Pertinace.

The most traditional production of the Langhe

The winery is located in Pertinace, in Treiso, Piedmont, in one of the four Langhe municipalities famous for the production of Barbaresco DOCG; but it is also the place known for being the birthplace of Publius Elvio Pertinace, a brave commander and Roman emperor who was born here in 126 AD.

The traits of the great emperor are profoundly reflected in the character of those who live and work in the Pertinace winery today: tenacity, attachment to their land lived and worked daily, perseverance in conquering new markets and countries, and the importance attached to tradition in winemaking are distinctive elements of a production and commercial reality that constitutes a model of successful contemporary entrepreneurship.

Founded in 1973 by Mario Barbero, the Cantina was a cooperative made up at that time of thirteen members all from the Treiso area; their dream, innovative and avant-garde, was to create a production reality capable first of cultivating fine vineyards, then of marketing great labels, with one eye on quality and the other on the tastes of the evolved consumer. Right from the start, wine production focused on Nebbiolo grapes suitable for producing high quality Barbaresco; bottling and marketing took place under the name Cantina Vignaioli Elvio Pertinace. Constant growth in production and sales allowed the cellar premises to be expanded in the following decade and equipped with the best equipment, up to the creation of the packaging department.

In 2014, the new building was inaugurated to house the administrative and sales offices, a new bottling area and larger spaces for the storage and ageing of bottled wines, while the historic premises, the heart and nerve centre of the winery, were used to give more breathing space to the ageing department. The name of the winery is changed to Pertinace, and its production crosses Italian and European borders. In January 2016, the members of the Pertinace winery became 17, with a total of 100 hectares under vine.